Friar's Club Tribute to Jack Benny

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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90553. Friar's Club Tribute to Jack Benny. February 17, 1957. Not necessarily a broadcast. A Heart Fund benefit on Jack's birthday (actually, he was born on February 14th). Edgar Bergen mentions that either Jayne Mansefield is in the audience...or two Yul Brynners! Dean Martin sings a parody of, "On The Street Where You Live" (written by Sammy Cahn). Frank Sinatra reads a Valentine's Day poem to Jack. Tony Martin sings, "Love In Bloom," but forgets the names of the composers. Art Linkletter jokes about matching a love-mate for Jack by a Univac Computer. The machine picks out Vampira. She appears in costume, gives Jack a bouquet and shoots Mary Livingstone. Jack responds as the last speaker. The final 1:30:40 of the recording. George Jessel (m.c.), Deborah Kerr, Goodwin Knight (Governor of California), Edgar Bergen, Dean Martin, Sammy Cahn (composer), Frank Sinatra, Tony Martin, Bob Hope, Art Linkletter. 1:30:40. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

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