From The Pacific

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69844. From The Pacific. August 10, 1945. NBC net. Sustaining. 12:30 P. M. (E. W. T.). NBC "False V-J Day" coverage, program #7. See cat. #53008 for sequencing. Wilson Foster reports reports from San Francisco. Will the Japanese accept the Potsdam declaration? A response should come in less than forty eight hours. George Thomas Foster reports from Guam. Harvey Kleinman of the Coast Guard interviews three other Coast Guardsmen. Bert Silan (just back from thirty seven months of internment in the Philippines) comments on Japan's request to allow Hirohito to remain on the throne. Merrill Mueller reports from Manila. There is excitement in the Philippines at the news. Robert McCormick analyzes the situation. What will happen if the Japanese don't surrender? Harvey Kleinman, Bert Silan, Robert McCormick, Wilson Foster, George Thomas Folster. 14:39. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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