Gala Armed Forces Day Program

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18213. Gala Armed Forces Day Program. May 20, 1950. Mutual net. Sustaining. The program originates from Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D. C. and celebrates America's first "Armed Forces Day" with a 250 piece combined Army, Air Force and Marine Corps Band. A helicopter demonstration includes "The Flying Eggbeater" and "The Flying Banana." There is also an ordnance demonstration, a live remote from a "Banshee" F2H plane ten miles above the field, a JATO demonstration by a P2V Neptune Patrol Bomber, F-84 Republic Thunderjets in precision manouevres and a simulated attack on a B-26. Omar Bradley (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff), Louis Johnson (Secretary Of Defense), Jack Siegel (Navy announcer), Thomas T. Handy (Commander-In-Chief of the European Command), Samuel Lavoda (conductor), Robert Cranston (Army reporter), Cass Bielski (Air Force reporter), Jack Sorenson (Marine Corps reporter), Hollis Seavy (producer). 60:19. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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