Gerald L. K. Smith

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91848. Gerald L. K. Smith. August 17, 1936. An address from Cleveland to the convention of The National Union For Social Justice (an organization of Father Charles Coughlin). Gerald L. K. Smith. :50. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Excerpt.

90539. Gerald L. K. Smith. 1957. Mr. Smith speaks about General Douglas MacArthur and the topic, "This Is Christian Nationalism." Mr. Smith defines his cause as being symbolized by the Cross and the Flag. The ten principals of the cause are listed and described, the first of which is anti-Jewish. The Supreme Court is referred to as a, "nine-man fascist dictatorship." His opponents are referred to as, "superficial nitwits." The date is approximate, this is not necessarily a broadcast. Gerald L. K. Smith. 18:53. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

90534. Gerald L. K. Smith. 1957. "The Plot To Undermine The Republic". Mr. Smith quotes from a written report (by an un-named "distinguished citizen") that predicts that the communists will take over America within 10 years. "We are being destroyed by wolves in sheep's clothing." The wolves, however, are not Communists. Five generals and admirals (one of them General MacArthur) have testified that they were ordered to lose the Korean war. The Senate is now "terrorized" because of what happened to Senator Joseph McCarthy. 290 of the 300 Communists that came to power in Russia after the revolution were Jewish. Rabbi Stephen Wise and "The American Hebrew" (a publication) are quoted as saying, "Communism is Judaism." Mr. Smith claims that Jews, if left unchecked, "will lower an iron curtain over America." A St. Louis newspaper wrote a story about the Jews trying to gather funds with which to assassinate Mr. Smith. The Chicago Jewish Sentinel said, "We intend to make it impossible for Gerald L.K. Smith to meet anywhere in Chicago." Radio, television and newspapers are controlled by Jews and Jewish advertisers. This recording (it may not be a broadcast) is distributed by The Christian National Crusade, Box 27895, Los Angeles 27, California (Mr. Smith is the president of the organization). Gerald L. K. Smith. 37:50. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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