Golden Jubilee Of The Radio Club Of America

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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63202. Golden Jubilee Of The Radio Club Of America. 1959. A commemorative recording issued with historic excerpts from the club's activities. C.W. transmissions heard are by Harry Houck on his original 1909 spark transmitter. Several members of the club are heard, including William D. Stokes, the first president of the club. Major Edwin Armstrong is heard speaking at the 1952 awards ceremony. Paul Godley recalls the first 1921 complete transatlantic radio transmission on station 1BCG. Walter Canute, the (then) president of the club is also heard. Captain Henry J. Round (1952 recipient of the Armstrong Award) recalls Marconi, Major Armstrong and the very early days of radio transmissions. Harry Houck, Edwin Armstrong, Henry Round, William Stokes, Paul Godley, Walter Canute. 47:26. Audio condition: High fidelity. Complete.

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