Goon Again: The 50th Anniversary Cardboard Replica Goon Show

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109993. Goon Again: The 50th Anniversary Cardboard Replica Goon Show. March 23, 2001. BBC Radio 2. The program was recorded on the date above and broadcast May 29, 2001. The show originates from The Playhouse Theatre, London. The program is a combination of two "Goon Show" broadcasts that have not yet been found: "The Story Of Civilisation" (February 17, 1953) and "The Plymouth Hoe Armada" (May 5, 1953). A newscast and the start of "Pick Of The Pops" follows the program. The program runs 56:09, total time is. Dirk Maggs (producer, director), Lance Ellington (son of Ray Ellington), The John Wilson Orchestra, Andrew Secombe (son of Harry Secombe), Jon Glover (in the roles played by Spike Milligan), Jeffrey Holland (in the roles played by Peter Sellers), Lizzie Glassborow, Larry Stephens (writer), Spike Milligan (writer), Harry Pitch (harmonica, composer), Christopher Timothy (announcer), Wally Stott (arranger, billed as "Angela Morley"). 61:48. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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