Governor Edward Martin

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69195. Governor Edward Martin. January 26, 1943. Mutual net, WCAE, Pittsburgh. Sustaining. The Governor of Pennsylvania addresses the state's General Assembly in Harrisburg. He advocates "eliminating as much government as possible." "War Aims and The Post War Period." The recording also includes the start of an address in Denver by Joseph Davies, the United States' former ambassador to Russia. There was no appeasing Hitler, his will was for war. He had great respect for Stalin, Litvinov and others and has admiration for the Soviet Union for defending the world against Hitler. "But for the Soviet Union, Hitler would be over-running the Earth by now. Mr. Davies later became known as a apologist for the Russian form of Socialism and seemed to ignore facts of the USSR's mailing failings. Mr. Martin's talk is complete, Mr. Davies' is not. Edward Martin, Joseph Davies, Cecil Bebee (announcer). 25:57. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

102144. Governor Edward Martin. November 3, 1944. WCAE, Pittsburgh. 7:15 P.M. A paid political announcement for the Republican party, although Republican candidates are barely mentioned. The Governor of Pennsylvania speaks about President Roosevelt's shabby treatment of American veterans. Mr. Roosevelt has vetoed 18 bills meant to benefit veterans. Edward Martin. 14:10. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

108006. Governor Edward Martin. January 14, 1946. WCAE, Pittsburgh. Sponsored by: Sustaining, Sen-Sen (local). 10:15 P.M. The governor of Pennsylvania reports on the status of the Commonwealth. The program was recorded on wire, this recording is an aircheck transcription. An address filled with oratory but without much substance. After the program, station I.D. is followed by a recorded spot for Sen-Sen. Edward Martin. 14:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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