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110716. Granny. 1922. WODA, Paterson, New Jersey. An interesting tune sung with sincerity by Frank Greechan, accompanied by John Pomfret (piano). The acetate recording is clearly labeled "1922, WODA." What makes the recording interesting is that WODA was only in existance from April, 1925 to 1934. Even more interesting is that Mr. Pomfret was killed in an auto accident in June 1922. Therefore, the record could not have been made after June, 1922, but WODA didn't exist until 3 years later. A copy of this enigmatic record label is on file. The full name of the song is, "Granny, You're My Mammy's Mammy." It was written by Joe Young and Sam Lewis, with music composed by Harry Akst. This was obviously a follow-up to their for famous hit tune, "My Mammy." Frank Greechan, John Pomfret, Harry Akst (composer), Joe Young (lyricist), Sam Lewis (lyricist). 2:14. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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