London Column

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79486. London Column. February 6, 1944. BBC origination for KDKA, Pittsburgh. Sustaining. Frank Gillard reports from a public bath, where soldiers are cleaning up. One is interviewed while wearing nothing more than his identity tag! A U. S. Major is making plans for bringing railroad locomotives to the Continent during the coming invasion. An eyewitness describes a British train wreck at the Ilford station. H. H. Stewart describes "Australia Day" at St. Martin's In The Fields. Frank Gillard, H. H. Stewart, Ken Stevenson (producer), Eric Bowe (? narrator). 9:47. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

106876. London Column. March 17, 1944. Program #23. BBC. General Eisenhower addresses the graduates at Sandhurst. Richard Dimbleby reports from a coastal defense base, as the invasion approaches. The sound of a clock ticking is broadcast...a warning to Hungary. "A minute to Sofia. They know what that means." Kent Stevenson reports from a civil defense shelter and interviews some of the workers who are spending the night. A woman dispatching rescue crews to buildings that have been bombed discovers that the bombed building is her own! Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Dimbleby, Kent Stevenson, John Erwin (producer). 12:23. Audio condition: Excellent shortwave audio. Incomplete.

67134. London Column. January 24, 1945. Program #68. BBC. Sustaining. Richard Dimbleby reports about new possibilities for the R. A. F. on Germany's eastern front. Dennis Johnson interviews two American pilots. Pierre Lafeh (?) describes France's "modern army." Richard Dimbleby, Robert Beatty (host), Dennis Johnson, Pierre Lafeh (?), John Erwin (writer, producer). 12:03. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

66894. London Column. February 14, 1945. Program #71. BBC. Sustaining. Richard Dimbleby speaks from inside a Lancaster bomber during a raid over Cleves. Chester Wilmot reports from the ground as an artillery barrage ends and the Scots bagpipes sound the entrance of the troops into Germany (Wilmot is not heard). Matthew Holton describes an amphibious assault. The program is complete except for "The Bow Bells" that are said to close the program. Richard Dimbleby, Robert Beatty (presenter), Matthew Holton, John Erwin (writer, producer). 11:05. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete as above.

66664. London Column. July 25, 1945. Program #94. BBC. Sustaining. A newsreel program intended for an American audience via shortwave. A description of the devastation in Berlin, a fire-fighter describes his duty in Europe with the Americans, the sound of "The Gloucenter Meteor" ("the fastest jet fighter now in service"), a housewife in London describes the problems of "queuing," a description of the Burmese monsoon, General Marshall inspects the U. S. Second Armored Division. The program closing has been deleted. John Erwin (writer, producer), Robert Beatty (announcer). 12:19. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

66665. London Column. August 1, 1945. Program #95. BBC. Sustaining. A newsreel program intended for American listeners via shortwave. Epics of the Eighth Army, General Eisenhower speaks on the farewell broadcast of the A. E. F. radio, the people of the British village of Great Yeldon comment on the departure of the American Eighth Air Force, General Montgomery is heard. The program closing has been deleted. Dwight Eisenhower, Bernard Montgomery. 12:40. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

56246. London Column. June 18, 1947. Program #192. BBC. Sustaining. A squadron of nine B-29 "Super Fortresses" flies over London. Princess Elizabeth is awarded "The Freedom Of The City Of London." "The Trooping Of The Colors" on the King's official birthday. "Ma Wilkerson" is visiting Britain and is interviewed. Jerry Wilmot (host), Colin Wills, Princess Elizabeth, Harriet Wilkerson, Winfred Vaughn Thomas, Peggy Brodin (writer, producer). 13:10. Audio condition: Excellent shortwave audio. Complete.

56250. London Column. December 8, 1948. Program #269. BBC. Sustaining. "Bundles from Britain" for displaced persons on the Continent, a report from New Delhi on the Indian government's unanimous vote to free the "untouchables," Thor Heyerdahl describes how he drifted all the way across the Pacific on a raft, an essay on "fog." James Bell, Thor Heyerdahl, Alan Melville. 13:42. Audio condition: Excellent shortwave audio. Complete.

56251. London Column. December 22, 1948. Program #271. BBC. Sustaining. A description of the christening of Prince Charles, U. S. Ambassador Louis Douglas and General Leon W. Johnson speak in honor of the United States Air Forces stationed in Britain, a progress report on the first six months of the European Recovery Program, a commentary on the passing of 1948. Barclay Smith (presenter), Alan Melville, Godfrey Talbot, Louis Douglas, Leon W. Johnson. 13:25. Audio condition: Excellent shortwave audio. Complete.

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