The AEFC Farewell Party

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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88398. The AEFC Farewell Party. July 28, 1945. BBC, London origination. Sergeant Keith Jameson reads the opening statement from the first broadcast of the AEFC (Allied Expeditionary Forces, Canada) on June 7, 1944. Jimmy Miller and The RAF Squadronaires start with program with, "Marie." The first 29:19 of the program only. Jerry Wilmot (m. c.), Keith Jameson, Jimmy Miller and The RAF Squadronaires, Doug Marshall (AEFP announcer, with the Canadian army), The Canadian Band Of The AEF, Robert Farnon (conductor), Paul Carpenter (vocal), Jill Balken (AEFP announcer), Dorothy Carliff (? Collett), Pat Frost (an excellent 15-year-old-xylophonist), Cam Ritchie (Canadian radio producer for the AEFP), Red Finley (Canadian sports announcer), Margaret Hubble (AEFP announcer), Beryl Davis (vocal), Jack Power (vocal), George Monahan. 29:19. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

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