The Bicentennial History Of Communications

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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54848. The Bicentennial History Of Communications. 1976. U. S. Army Communications Command syndication. Sustaining. One minute dramatizations of milestone in the history of radio, television and other inventions. The date is approximate. 1. Byrd's Broadcast For South Pole 2. Marconi's Wireless Telegraph 3. The Introduction Of The Telephone 4. Telegraphic Communications 5. Sound Motion Pictures 6. Computer Communications 7. Army Signal Corps Wig-Wag System 8. Aviation Communications 9. Space Communications 10. Ship-To-Ship and Ship-To-Shore Communications 11. Railroad Communications 12. Television Development 13. The Beginning Of Commercial Broadcast Radio 14. The First Phonograph 15. The Recording Industry 16. Baseball By Radio 17. Female Radio Singers 18. FM Radio 19. Radar 20. Radio Drama 21. Transistors 2. Radio Weather 23. First Electric Battery 24. Radio Beacons 25. Radio Astronomy 26. Hand-Held Computers. . 29:40. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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