The Big Lie

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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66809. The Big Lie. September 13, 1950. WCCO, Minneapolis. Sustaining. A docu/drama about Communist broadcasts spreading lies around the world, and how Radio Free Europe combats "The Big Lie." Pat O'Brien (narrator), Dwight Eisenhower, Lucius Clay, Cameron Thompson (regional director of "The Crusade For Freedom"), George Grim (compiler, writer), Bill Green (composer), Ed Beeman (director), Wally Olson (conductor), Roger Krum (announcer). 29:28. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

59946. The Big Lie. October 14, 1961. Mutual net. Sustaining. The first show of the series. Lie #1: The United States is planning to use nuclear weapons against the U. S. S. R. Lie #2: The Untied states broke the three year moratorium on nuclear testing. Recordings that were made from Radio Moscow, Radio Sofia, Radio Prague, Radio Bucharest and Radio Havana are played, with "the truth" following each lie. Phillip Clarke (narrator), Al Sikora (producer). 23:54. Audio condition: High fidelity. Complete.

60595. The Big Lie. September 14, 1968. Mutual net. "The Brave Experiment Continues". Sustaining. A program about Radio Prague's return to the air after the invasion by the Soviet Union. The program includes the first broadcasts made after the invasion of Czechoslovakia. The system cue is added live. Phillip Clarke (moderator), Al Sikora (producer). 22:34. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete as above.

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