The Big News Of 1957

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1803. The Big News Of 1957. December 1957. CBS-TV net. Actuality reports of the big news stories of the year. See cat. #73031 for a similar program from CBS radio. Robert Trout (narrator). 1 hour. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

73031. The Big News Of 1957. December 29, 1957. CBS net. Sustaining. A summary of the major news stories of the year, told with many actualities. George Herman reports on the launching of Sputnik and U. S. S. R. advances in rockets and missile technology. Edward R. Murrow reports on the NATO summit conference in Paris. Griffing Bancroft reports on labor and the Teamster's Union rackets investigation (Robert Kennedy is heard questioning Dave Beck). James Hoffa is also heard. Robert Trout reports on the re-inauguration of President Eisenhower. Robert Pierpoint reports on President Eisenhower's health after his mild stroke. Howard K. Smith reports on Civil Rights and the conflict at Little Rock's Central High School. Phil Rizzuto reports on the past baseball season. The New York Giants move to San Francisco, The Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los Angeles. Alan Jackson reports on the year's financial news. Winston Burdett reports on the Middle East. David Schoenbrun and Frank Kerns report on the war in Algeria. Ron Cochran and Tom Costigan report on Benny Hooper, the boy who fell into a well. Douglas Edwards, Ed Planer and Haaken Torgeson report on Hurricane Audrey and other weather disasters. Lou Cioffi reports on the birth of a princess in Monaco. Eric Sevareid reports on disarmament talks. Daniel Schorr reports on Russian internal politics. See cat. #1803 for a similar program from CBS television. Edward R. Murrow, Griffing Bancroft, Robert Kennedy, Dave Beck, James Hoffa, Robert Trout, Howard K. Smith, Martin Luther King Jr., Orville Faubus, Phil Rizzuto, Hugh Hill, Alan Jackson, Winston Burdett, David Schoenbrun, Frank Kerns, Ron Cochran, Tom Costigan, Douglas Edwards, Ed Planer, Haaken Torgeson, Lou Cioffi, Robert Pierpoint, Eric Sevareid, Daniel Schorr, Blair Clark (narrator), George Herman, Dan Bloom (producer). 1:23:56. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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