The Christening Of The New York Central II

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68197. The Christening Of The New York Central II. 1944. Blue net origination, syndicated on a World lateral transcription. Sustaining. The program is produced by Geyer, Cornell and Newell. A program dedicated to "The Army Air Forces." The story of how the 125,000 men and women of the New York Central Railroad chipped in $117,000 to buy a B-26 bomber for the war effort is told. The plane only flew thirteen missions in the North African campaign. Edwin C. Hill speaks from La Guardia airport as the second B-26 paid for by the employees of the railroad is given to the military. David Thompson represents Mayor La Guardia and makes a speech of thanks (he mistakenly refers to the aircraft as the "Grand Central II"). Carl Tilden (a New York Central employee from Cleveland) presents the plane to Lieutenant Colonel Stanford Chester. The mother of the only man killed in combat on the first plane christens the ship. The date is approximate. Edwin C. Hill, David Thompson, Carl Tilden, F. E. Williamson (president of the railroad). 29:23. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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