The City

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64792. The City. March 9, 1947. CBS net. "The Plastic Orchid". Sustaining. "An impression for radio." A portrait of the city: a stolen bank key, a couple from Shower Springs, Indiana and a broken statue in the park. Frank Goss (narrator), Herb Butterfield, Byron Kane, Tyler McVey, Herb Vigran, Anne Morrison, Helen Gerald, David Ellis, Robert Bruce, Joseph Granby, Mary Lansing, E. Jack Neuman (writer), Sterling Tracy (director), Lucien Moraweck (composer), Wilbur Hatch (conductor), Bob Anderson (sound designs), Harry Esman (sound technician). 29:37. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

49822. The City. June 28, 1947. CBS net. "Airport". Sustaining. "An impression for radio." "A cross section of the thousands of stories and dramas that are enacted daily in the city." Anne Morrison, Dave Vale (director), Earl Lee, Frank Burt (writer), Rita Lynn, Robert Libbott (writer), Sandy Becker, Wilbur Hatch (music), Norman Macdonnell (producer, director), Frank Goss (announcer), Gil Warren, Herb Butterfield, Leonore Kingston, Monty Margetts. 24:39. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

19417. The City. Civil Defense Administration syndication. Sustaining. An excellent Civil Defense drama about the day an atomic bomb was dropped on an industrial city in America. Superb music bridges and stabs composed and played on the guitar by Carl Kress. Good radio. Ralph Bellamy, Carl Kress (guitar). 15 minutes. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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