The Colgate Variety Hour

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109348. The Colgate Variety Hour. September 18, 1955. NBC-TV net, audio + video. Sponsored by: Colgate-Palmolive. In an inspired satire of "The $64,000 Question," Jerry winds up in a huge tank of water. Later, Dean and Jerry try to play a game of pool. Watch out when Jerry chalks his cue. Jerry then portrays a punchy boxer before both Dean and Jerry join "Freddy Bell and The Bellhops" for some "rock and roll." Excellent kinescope video. Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Freddie Bell and The Bellhops, Wendell Niles (announcer), Dick Stabile and His Orchestra, Robert Finkel (director), Arthur Phillips (writer), Harry Crane (writer), Ernest Glucksman (producer). 59:13. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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