The Court Of Human Relations

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88299. The Court Of Human Relations. December 17, 1937. NBC net. "For Love Of Me". Sponsored by: True Story Magazine. Lucy and Dick fall in love in New York City and secretly get married. Dick deserts from the army and Lucy becomes pregnant. A jury, selected from the studio audience, suggests several solutions to the dramatized situation. The "jury" sound like plants; they sound a lot more mike-wise to not be performers. Fascinating listening. A. L. Alexander, Nelson Case (announcer). 29:21. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11455. The Court Of Human Relations. September 1, 1949. The cartoonist Al Capp "testifies," stating that most of today's radio shows are terrible. Since this program is considered to have left the air in 1939, this recording may be misdated or may be a revival or proposed revival of the series, or may be mistitled. Al Capp. 12:27. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpt.

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