The Crazy Water Hotel

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97460. The Crazy Water Hotel. October 14, 1936. Program #19. Syndicated. Sponsored by: Crazy Water Crystals. The program comes "by special wire from the lobby of the Crazy Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas." Francis Quinn starts the program with, "I'm An Old Cowhand." The commercial mentions a "Crazy Water Fizz" to help "due to neglect or indiscrete living." Members of the audience join the orchestra playing their theme song, "Down South" and sing the lyrics along with the band. One visitor to the hotel, Mrs. Cletis Meyers from Enid, Oklahoma, speaks in favor of Crazy Water Crystals. Guy Woodward plays the washboard and the band sounds like, "The Hoosier Hotshots." Seventy-five years after this broadcast, the Crazy Hotel still stands in Mineral Wells, and you can still buy all the Crazy Water you want. The first 12:01 of the program only. Francis Quinn, Mrs. Cletis Meyers, Guy Woodward. 12:01. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

97461. The Crazy Water Hotel. December 16, 1936. Program #20. Syndicated. Sponsored by: Crazy Water Crystals. The date is correct; the announcer is referred to as, "Conrad." The first tune is, "My Dear" (Jan Garber's theme). Dr. S.W. Johnson speaks. He's been drinking Crazy Water for 20 years. The audience sings, "Moonlight and Roses." Damon Francis leads the washboard band. The first 11:23 of the program only. S. W. Johnson, Damon Francis. 11:23. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

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