The Cremo Singer

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12865. The Cremo Singer. November 7, 1931. NBC net. Bing Crosby sings a tune from the Kraft Music Hall programs of March 31, 1938, March 24, 1938 and October 7, 1937. Plus selections from "The Cremo Singer" of November 7, 1931 (three tunes) and December 5, 1931. Bing Crosby. 21 minutes. Audio condition: Very good. Excerpts.

82942. The Cremo Singer. November 9, 1931. CBS net, WABC, New York aircheck. Sponsored by: Cremo Cigars. The first tune is, "Now That You've Gone." Mrs. Watson of Houston gets a new automobile as the winner of the Cremo Contest with a twenty-word statement (no more, no less) about Cremo Cigars. Contestants must write each word on the back of two Cremo Cigar bands (you therefore must smoke forty of them to enter)! "Cremo is the only cigar in the world that's finished under glass." Bing Crosby, Carl Fenton and The Cremo Orchestra, David Ross (announcer). 14:36. Audio condition: Good to very good. Complete.

98059. The Cremo Singer. December 6, 1931. CBS net. Sponsored by: Cremo Cigars. The first 3:30 of the program. Bing sings, "As Time Goes By." Bing Crosby, David Ross (announcer), Carl Fenton and The Cremo Orchestra. 3:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpt.

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