The Crime Files Of Flammond

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100420. The Crime Files Of Flammond. April 18, 1944. Program #16. WGN, Chicago. "The Case Of The Squealing Duck". Sponsored by: Meisterbrau Beer. "(A) Popular nightclub comedian suspect (s) someone of trying to ruin his act. (This) Case (is) more serious than it seems." William Averitt, Patrica Dunlap. 29:45. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

81097. The Crime Files Of Flammond. April 25, 1944. Program #17. Mutual net, WGN, Chicago aircheck. "The Case Of The Twenty-Four Bottles". Sponsored by: Meisterbrau Beer. One of the most convoluted plots, the most improbable clues and the most ridiculous conclusion imaginable. The story has also been identified as, "The Case Of The Revealing Knight." This broadcast might have just been WGN local and not the Mutual net. William Averitt, Patricia Dunlap, Jack Callahan (announcer). 29:43. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

71050. The Crime Files Of Flammond. April 25, 1948. WGN, Chicago. "The Case Of The Ruinous Report". Sponsored by: Brach's Candies. There have been four attempts on the life of Mr. Sterling Canby. He thinks that the way to catch the would-be killer is to fake a murder or suicide. Not only is Mr. Canby found dead, but so is the detective hired by Mrs. Canby and Mr. Canby's girlfriend too! Flammond says, "Another murder will solve this case!" Bob Elson (commercial spokesman), Mike Wallace (billed as Myron Wallace), Patrica Dunlap, George B. Anderson (writer), Ed Karn (director), Pierre Andre (announcer). 29:27. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

13188. The Crime Files Of Flammond. Program #175. Syndicated. "The Case Of The Victimized Victim". Commercials added locally. A college professor gives his "all" for alma mater. . 1/2 hour. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Otherwise complete.

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