The Cugat Rhythm Revue

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

These are all the examples of this program in the radioGOLDINdex database. These listings are accurate as of October 29, 2017. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

69182. The Cugat Rhythm Revue. October 30, 1941. NBC net. Sponsored by: Camels. The first tune is, "Tony's Wife." The show tells "the true story" of how Cugie became the leader of the first band to play, "Begin The Beguine." The first 7:48 of the program only. Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra, Bert Parks (announcer), Carmen Castillo (announcer). 7:48. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpt.

68376. The Cugat Rhythm Revue. November 13, 1941. Blue Network. Sponsored by: Camels. The first selection is an un-named conga. Don't miss Cugie's version of a Chopin nocturne! Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra, Carmen Castillo (vocal), Miguelito Valdez (vocal), Bert Parks (announcer). 13:47. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

39735. The Cugat Rhythm Revue. June 2, 1942. Blue Network. Sponsored by: Camels (clever integrated commercials), Prince Albert Tobacco. The program features great Latin rhythms; don't miss the conga version of Mendelssohn's, "Spring Song!" The first tune is, "Shake." Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra, Margo, Miguelito Valdez, Lou Crosby (announcer). 30:19. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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