The David Frost Show

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70999. The David Frost Show. February 17, 1970. Syndicated, WNEW-TV, New York audio aircheck. Commercials deleted. Recorded in Miami Beach during January, 1970. David Frost interviews Jackie Gleason. Jackie recalls his early days in show business, his very early youth, religion, his television characters (and the real people he based them on), he does impressions, comments on Milton Berle, sex and marriage, golf E. S. P. David Frost, Jackie Gleason. 1:06:51. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Otherwise complete.

66229. The David Frost Show. October 14, 1970. NBC-TV net, WBZ-TV, Boston audio aircheck. Sponsored by: Participating. David Frost interviews Maurcie Chevalier. Maurice recalls his first sexual experience, his many romances and early career, his near suicide and his decision to give up singing at age 82. Immediately after declining to sing, he sings "Shine On Harvest Moon." He also speaks about death and religion and is a fascinating reconteur. The program concludes with Maurice and the audience singing "Louise." A most enjoyable program. David Frost, Maurice Chevalier. 90:53. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66230. The David Frost Show. December 23, 1970. ABC-TV net, WBZ-TV, Boston audio aircheck. Participating sponsors. The program was taped October, 1970. David Frost interviews Sammy Davis Jr., who also sings. His first tune is "At The End Of A Love Affair." Sammy shows the audience his suntan (not an easy task!). He describes his relations with Sinatra and "The Rat Pack." Sammy demonstrates his quick draw techniques and gives a quick history of tap dancing. Sammy's third wife joins the show for the final ten minutes. David Frost, Sammy Davis Jr.. 90:44. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

34836. The David Frost Show. January 1971. Syndicated, WNEW-TV, New York audio aircheck. Commercials deleted. A rebroadcast. Guests are Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong. Bing recalls his early years and sings with Louis. The program closing has been deleted. David Frost, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong. 72:28. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

34834. The David Frost Show. July 7, 1971. Syndicated, WNEW-TV, New York audio aircheck. David Frost interviews Benny Goodman (who also performs). The program was recorded June 4, 1971. David Frost, Benny Goodman. 23:13. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpt.

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