The Doctors Talk It Over

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54087. The Doctors Talk It Over. April 20, 1945. Milton Cross interviews Colonel Cornelius P. Rhodes of the U. S. Army on the subject of "cancer." A discussion of the disease and the current state of research against it. A public service-type program obviously underwritten by Lederle Laboratories Inc. Milton Cross, Cornelius P. Rhodes. 13:48. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Apparently complete.

107641. The Doctors Talk It Over. February 17, 1947. ABC net. "Radioactive Isotopes In Medicine". Sponsored by: Lederle Laboratories. Dr. Lawrence explains radioactive isotopes and how they've been used in medicine since 1937. After the cyclotron was developed by Ernest Lawrence (John Lawrence's brother), isotopes were first used in medicine in 1934. The questions and answers sound as if they were written out and read at a rapid pace. Several of the answers use medical jargon that would be meaningless to many listeners. John Lawrence (University of California), Tony Morris (? interviewer). 13:53. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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