The Face Of The War...As Seen By Sam Cuff

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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110965. The Face Of The War...As Seen By Sam Cuff. September 15, 1941. Program #53,54. NBC syndication, Orthacoustic 12" transcription. "Black Sea Barges" "Seige Of Leningrad". The bodies of the shows only. The date above is etched on the transcription matrix. This series of battle commentaries and politcial moves began about February 2, 1941 on the NBC network. Although only five minutes long, starting at 6:10 P.M., the series was eventually heard three times per week. On September 12, 1941, the program was also seen of WNBT-TV, channel one in New York City. This made Mr. Cuff one of the first, if not the first, radio-television simulcaster. There were only several hundred television receivers in the New York City area so his television audience was small. However, he was heard coast to coast on the Red net, and apparently on other stations by way of these transcriptions. Most of the visuals used by Mr. Cuff were maps and a pointer. He was only occasionally seen on camera, allowing him to refer to his notes while speaking. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mr. Cuff and his maps were seen on WNBT's cameras, alternating with a close-up of the AP teletype so viewers could see the news as it arrived. His commentaries and strategy discussions were similar in style to CBS's Elmer Davis. The radio syndication of Mr. Cuff's program must have involved logistics seldom used on radio. This pressing (matrix #LCS089523) was produced only 7 days after the Leningrad seige began and must have been sent to subscribers immediately to avoid stale news. Sam Cuff. 6:53. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete as above.

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