The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Of A.T. and T.

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72363. The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Of A.T. and T.. April 28, 1935. CBS net, WABC, New York. Sponsored by: A.T. and T., Bulova watch (local). The complete program name is, "The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Of American Telephone and Telegraph." The first selection is a medley starting with, "California, Here I Come." Telephone calls are made to the four corners of the United States. Ted says, "Buck Rogers in the twenty-fifth century has nothing on us." Edwin C. Hill speaks in praise of the telephone. Historic telephone calls that were made the previous year (1934) are dramatized: the Dionne quinuplets are born in Ontario, Baby Face Nelson's car is located, A Mississippi Negro farmer telephones President Roosevelt, a man bitten by a gila monster is saved by a telephone call to a specialist. The orchestra plays a medley of popular "telephone songs" of the past fifty years. The famous 1875 scene between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Mr. Watson is dramatized. On "conference (call) service," Dr. Carl Compton (president of M.I.T.) speaks from Boston, Dizzy Dean speaks from St. Louis, Grace Moore speaks from Hollywood, Rufus Daws (president of the "Century Of Progress" exhibit) speaks from Chicago, Carey Grayson (chairman of the Red Cross) speaks from Washington, D.C. Author Channing Pollack speaks for the first time on the air, about a telephone operator warning a valley about an impending flood, at the cost of her own life. The band plays, "The Telephone March," written in 1877, the first known piece of music about the telephone. Ted Husing (m .c), Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra, Edwin C. Hill, Carl Compton, Dizzy Dean, Grace Moore, Rufus Daws, Carey Grayson, Channing Pollack, Walter Gifford (president of A. T. and T.). 59:32. Audio condition: Good. Complete.

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