The Forum Of Public Opinion

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66883. The Forum Of Public Opinion. November 30, 1947. WIP, Philadelphia. "What Next For Palestine?". Sustaining. Panel member Dr. Kalil Totah says, "the partition of Palestine is a crime." Dr. Barnhouse states, "Dachau and Buchenwald will be Sunday School picnics with what the Jews are now going to have when they are to be utterly crushed." Jeffrey Cannett (? moderator: Kanip?), Eleazar Lipsky (New York attorney, a member of The Zionist Organization Of America), Kalil Totah (Executive Director of The Institute Of Arab-American Affairs), Donald Barnhouse (editor of "Revelation" magazine, pastor of a Presbyterian church in Philadelphia), John Edwards (announcer). 28:15. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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