The Fourth Chime

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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84008. The Fourth Chime. September 7, 1944. NBC net. Sustaining. After five years of war coverage, a program about the special fourth chime of the NBC trademark used during big stories of the war. H.V. Kaltenborn narrates a dramatization of his 1932 meeting with Hitler. Max Jordan narrates his coverage of the 1938 "Big Four" meeting. Louis Lockner tells about the start of the Polish "Blitzkrieg." W.W. Chaplin narrates the coverage of the start of the war. Morgan Beatty (from Washington, D.C.) recalls 1938, before the start of the war, and his interview with Secretary of State, Cordell Hull. Robert St. John describes civilian victims of the war and "Old Tom," who made "The Sword of Stalingrad." John Vandercook recalls May 12, 1944, when he witnessed fearless French soldiers. Stanley Richardson (from SHAEF Headquarters, England) recalls the arriving American troops in England before the invasion. Max Hill (Rome): The Germans are rapidly retreating in southern France. Don Goddard (narrator), H. V. Kaltenborn, Louis Lockner, W. W. Chaplin, Morgan Beatty, Robert St. John, Stanley Richardson, Max Hill, Robert McCormick (Honolulu), John W. Vandercook, Ed Hocker (London). 29:01. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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