The Funeral Of Mayor Cermak

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78859. The Funeral Of Mayor Cermak. March 11, 1933. WGN, Chicago. Sustaining. The broadcast originates from the Chicago Stadium. Anton Cermak became mayor of Chicago in 1931 by defeating "Big Bill" Thompson. He was shot on February 15, 1933 while appearing with President-elect Roosevelt in Miami and died on March 6th. It was never discovered why Guiseppe Zangara fired the shot. Theories have the bullet aimed at Roosevelt, or that Al Capone hired Zangara from jail to kill Cermak to avenge the shooting of Frank Niti. Cermak is supposed to have told Roosevelt after being shot, "I am glad it was me instead of you." This comment was carved over the door of Cermak's burial vault. Quin Ryan says that one-hundred-thousand people are waiting outside in the five degree temperature. Fourteen minutes after the start of the recording, Ryan mentions that it's 12:06 and a minute later give a station I.D. The descriptions of the funeral parade and floral tributes are detailed and impressive. Daniel J. Frawley (eulogist), Quin Ryan, Al Melgard (organist), Louis Mann (eulogist), John Thompson (eulogist), Henry Horner (eulogist, Governor of Illinois), Frank Schreiber (producer), Carl Meyers (engineer), Bob Stifle (? engineer). 2:20:12. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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