The Gateway To Hollywood

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50319. The Gateway To Hollywood. December 31, 1939. Program #13. CBS net. Sponsored by: Doublemint Gum. A fascinating concept as host Jesse L. Lasky, in his Brooklyn accent, admits to fabricating screen names. The purpose of the program is to audition six amateur performers to compete for a movie contract and to become the created names of "Gale Storm" and "Terry Belmont." This is the last program of the thirteen week series, in which the finalists compete. The contestants perform a drama called "From The Mountain Top," with professional actor H. B. Warner. It's a confused story about a boy who meets a girl, then romances and marries her. The winners are announced by Graham Baker (who co-produced "Tom Brown's Schooldays"). Josephine Cottle of Houston Texas wins the right to become "Gale Storm" (four of the five judges voted for her), Lee Bonnel of South Bend Indiana wins the right to become "Terry Belmont" (by a unanimous decision). "Gale Storm" and "Terry Belmont" are awarded their movie contracts and S. A. G. cards on the air, and are to begin filming tomorrow. Gale Storm made her first film for RKO and Lee Bonnel also made a few films before marrying "Gale Storm!" Jesse Lasky, Gale Storm, Terry Belmont, Josephine Cottle, Lee Bonnel, Ken Ellington (announcer), Wilbur Hatch (composer, conductor), H. B. Warner, Graham Baker. 44:43. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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