The Ghost Of The Opera

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110238. The Ghost Of The Opera. March 11, 1929. National Radio Advertising Company Inc., syndication. Sponsored by: Maytag. A strange program, the plot and/or music is hard to follow with a common thread. These excerpts start with an aria from "Carmen," continue with an aria in Italian and end with a selection from "Tannhauser." The dialogue seems to be about the spirit of the opera house guiding a visitor through the building's memories. With only half the program, it's difficult to guess the continuity. Parts 3,4,6. Matrices #C3096/7/9. In addition, despite the label on the 3rd disc, it sounds as if the third disc is really part 5 (and not 6), which would make the final matrix #C3098. None of the performers are identified. . 13:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

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