The Gillette Community Sing

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84488. The Gillette Community Sing. April 10, 1937. CBS net, WABC, New York aircheck. 8:00 P.M. Wendell Hall sings his own composition, "Pals." Other excerpts: From sometime during the summer of 1937, Wendell Hall sings, "I'm Bubbling Over" and a medley (from Chicago) introduced by Milton Berle. After the first tune, the program is called, "The Gillette Summer Hotel." From December 4, 1936: "The Three T's" play a tune (Jack Teagarden: vocal, trombone), Charlie Teagarden, Frankie Trumbauer). Wendell Hall, Milton Berle, Jack Teagarden, Charlie Teagarden, Frankie Trumbauer. 13:24. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Excerpts.

101179. The Gillette Community Sing. April 21, 1937. CBS net. Sponsored by: Gillette (songbook premium). Milton's opening monologue is about baseball. The first tune is, "There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight." Jones and Hare are billed as, "The Gillette Gentlemen." They sing a medley from, "Rosalie" and other tunes without comedy lyrics. It's a unique chance to hear Jones and Hare really singing! Wendell Hall sings, "Bojangles Of Harlem." Milton is shooting, "Berle's Brevities," which turns into a series of one-liners by a parade of stooges. Milton Berle, Wendell Hall, Billy Jones, Ernie Hare, Dan Seymour (announcer), Little Miss Jolly (10-years-old), Andy Sannella and His Orchestra, Jack LaRue. 29:42. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

27807. The Gillette Community Sing. August 8, 1937. CBS net. Also August 15, 1937. Milton Berle introduces Wendell Hall ("The Red Headed Music Maker"), who sings two tunes, "Lazy Bones" and "In A Little Red Barn In A Farm In Indiana"). The recording features three singing commercials by Hall for "O Henry" candy, "Snirkles" candy, and "O-Cedar" (with Bernie Petardi, Ernie Newton). This program has also been called, "The Gillette Summer Hotel." Andy Sannella and His Orchestra, Bernie Petardi (accordion), Ernest Newton (bass, sound effects), Milton Berle, Wendell Hall. 7:35. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

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