The Golden Ass

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102416. The Golden Ass. March 11, 1944. BBC. The only complete Latin novel to survive in its entirety (also known as, "Metamorphoses, Or The Golden Ass"). Written about 160 A.D. but adapted from a Greek original. Apuleius (author), Norman Shelley, Patricia Hayes, Louis MacNeice (adaptor, produced), Eddie Birnbier (?), Betty Hardy, Gladys Young, Rita Vail (?), Alexander Farner (?), Clifford Buxton, Vela Casey (?), Harry Hutchinson, Brian Foley (?), Phil Gardner. 62:15. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

65577. The Golden Ass. February 23, 1945. BBC. Sustaining. The story of Lucius, who paid the price of his a donkey! Written in the second century A.D., it is the only novel written in Latin to survive in its entirety. The production of course, is in English. Eddie Burnbeier (?), Betty Hardy, Gladys Young, Patricia Hayes, Rita Vail, Alexander Sarner (?), Clifford Butkin, Lucius Apuleius (author), Louis MacNeice (writer, adaptor), Velma Casey, Norman Shelley, Harry Hutchinson, Brian Foley, Cyril Gardner, The BBC Drama Repertory Company. 61:50. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Apparently complete.

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