The Golden Door

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76190. The Golden Door. May 25, 1947. WNYC, New York. "Little Old Man". Sustaining. The first show of the series, presented by United Service For New Americans. A boy has trouble re-adjusting to normal life after living in a Concentration Camp. William Kidd (narrator), Michael Artist, Alexander Marschack (director), Milton Robertson (writer). 9:13. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

76031. The Golden Door. June 15, 1947. Program #5. WNYC, New York. "My Town". Sustaining. A survivor of a concentration camp comes to America and tries to fit into a "foreign" town. Tom Begley (son of Ed Begley) and some of the other actors don't read lines very well. Produced in cooperation with United Service For New Americans. Ed Begley, Alexander Marschack (director), James Gregory, Tom Begley, Dudley Sandler, Arthur Lee (sound), Milton Robertson (writer, radio director of United Jewish Appeal), Bernie Barrow, Cathy Schneider, Lenore Garland, Albert Arkus (music). 16:01. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

104213. The Golden Door. June 22, 1947. Program #6. WNYC, New York City. "Case History". Sponsored by: United Jewish Appeal fund appeal. A drama about a survivor of a concentration camp who is haunted by his memories of leading an orchestra while the prisoners were being killed. The program is produced by The United Service For New Americans (a part of the U.J.A.). Edith Atwater, Harold Huber, Mildred Robertson (writer), Ray Devine (director), Tom Adams, Jane Harben (?), Edwin Rosenburg (President of The United Service For New Americans). 28:15. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete segment.

76202. The Golden Door. July 16, 1947. WNYC, New York. "One Early Morning". Sustaining. A program produced in cooperation with United Service For New Americans. A victum of the holocaust in Lithuania, tells her story. She relates how she survived two executions! The last show of the series. Mrs. Herman Levine (United Service For New Americans). 8:47. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

57112. The Golden Door. 1948. Citizens Committee On Displaced Persons syndication. Sustaining. "A parable for Easter." The fantasy about a man who wanted to come to America, and wound up in a grave. Traveling to heaven, he's questioned by the gatekeeper. Arnold Moss, Ben Kagan (writer), Bernard Lenrow (narrator), Bob Warren (announcer), Edwin Jerome, Frank Papp (director), Isadore Zeer (music), Karl Swenson, Raymond Edward Johnson, Robert Dryden, Ted Hudes (producer), Will Geer. 14:32. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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