Emerson, Joe

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94163. Little Miss Bab-O Musical Surprise Party. May 12, 1935. NBC Red net, WEAF, New York City. Sponsored by: Bab-O. The first tune is, "There's Something About A Soldier." Mary sings, "That Mother Of Mine" in honor of Mother's Day. Mary sings, "La Cucaracha," done as it's sung in Harlem and then as a march!. Excellent arrangements and musicianship; the show gets better with every listening. The last show of the series (until December). Jack Parker (Irish tenor), Bert Hirsch and His Orchestra, Daniel Lieberfeld (pianist), Harrison Knox (tenor), Carol Dice (soprano), Veronica Williams (contralto), Walter Francis (baritone), Irving Weil (piano, arranger), Phil Wahl (piano), Mary Small, Harry Breuer (xylophone), Ford Bond (announcer). 30:25. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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