Graham, Frank

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These are all the programs in the radioGOLDINdex database which credit this artist. These listings are accurate as of April 29, 2017. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

110927. The Lux Radio Theatre. August 10, 1936. CBS net. "The Jazz Singer". Commercials deleted. Cecil B. DeMille introduces the story and re-sets the scene after the commercials (which are not heard). Jolson sings, "Kol Nidre" and "April Showers." Intermission guests are Lee Wray Turner (director of the Assistance League of Southern California) and Feg Murray (famous cartoonist). None of the story is heard. Cecil B. DeMille (host), Al Jolson, Lee Ray Turner, Feg Murray. 17:35. Audio condition: Very good. Excerpts.

39915. The Lux Radio Theatre. November 16, 1936. CBS net. "Conversation Piece". Sponsored by: Lux. A Frenchman tries to pass off a nightclub singer as nobility. Adolphe Menjou (doubles), George Sanders, Lily Pons, Cecil B. DeMille, Louis Silvers (music director), Marjorie Gateson, Melville Ruick (announcer), Noel Coward (author), Cotton Warburton (intermission guest: film editor for MGM), Feg Murray (intermission guest: Hollywood columnist), Elsa Buchanan, Ben Guy Phillips (doubles), Phyllis Coghlan, Margaret Brayton (performer, commercial spokesman), Grayce Hampton, Lou Merrill (doubles), Evelyn Beresford, Colin Campbell, Frank Nelson (performer, program opening announcer), Ross Forrester (doubles), Charles Emerson, David Kerman, Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 59:52. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

43551. The Baker's Broadcast. November 7, 1937. Blue Network. Sponsored by: Fleischmann's Yeast. The program is also known as "Seein' Stars In Hollywood." The first tune is, "Veni, Veni." Guest Ralph Bellamy discusses Hollywood typecasting. Guest ZaSu Pitts recalls the problems she had while filming "Greed." She performs in a scene that was edited out of, "All Quiet On The Western Front." Bud Hiestand (announcer), Feg Murray (host), Harriet Hilliard, Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra, Ralph Bellamy (narrator), ZaSu Pitts. 29:36. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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