Kruger, Otto

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94813. The National Radio Theatre. WFMT-FM, Chicago origination, WCRB, Boston aircheck. "The Dark Tower". Sponsored by: TRW. The program and series were produced by "The National Radio Theatre." The series won a Peabody award in 1977 (and deserved it). The broadcast is based on the poem, "Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came," by Robert Browning. A complex story, as was the poem, written in 1855 and in turn based on Shakespeare's line in, "King Lear." You have to listen very carefully to the images and metaphors, but your patience is rewarded, it's a very satisfying radio experience. The program appears to use the script first broadcast by the BBC in 1946. Louis MacNeice (writer), Benjamin Britten (composer), Studs Terkel (commercial spokesman), Tom Alderman (doubles), Pat Kerry, Elizabeth Walden, James Doiter (?), Nicholas Ruddle, Burden Pivan (?), Margie Banks, William Munchan, Jane Alderman, Helen Cutting, Yuri Rasovsky (producer, director), Michelle Enplais (? associate producer), Han Berman (conductor), Charles Guyer (soloist), Elliott Gollub (? soloist), The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (ensemble), Barry Redmond (engineer), Richard Fairbanks (engineer0, John Doremus (announcer), Robert Browning (author), Michael York. 1:12:03. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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