Randolph, Lillian

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106216. Mr. Ace and Jane. May 8, 1948. Program #13. CBS net. Sponsored by: U.S. Army and Air Force recruiting. "Mr. Ace is assigned to start an advertising campaign for a baby food and that same day, Jane finds a year-old baby on her doorstep. And the baby inspires Mr. Ace to write a wonderful advertisement which makes money for everyone concerned: Mr. Ace, the baby food company and the baby. Or as Mr. Ace puts it, 'It was a 3-cornered deal'." Goodman Ace (writer, performer), Jane Ace, Eric Dressler, Beatrice Pons, John Griggs, Judith Foster, Florence Robinson, Morris Surdin (music), Ken Roberts (announcer). 29:18. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

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