Randolph, Lillian

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18919. The Energy Program: Other Views. July 20, 1979. CBS-TV net, WCBS-TV, New York aircheck. Sustaining. With Senator Howard Baker, Rep. John Rhodes, Gov. Jerry Brown (Calif.), John Swearlingen (Chairman of the Board of Standard of Indiana), an independent oil producer, economist Paul Cracken, a physics professor discussing nuclear power, president of the Edison Electric Institute, a representative of the National Resources Defense Council, Barry Commoner (proponent of solar energy) spokesman for the Consumer Federation of American. The date is approximate. Bruce Morton (moderator), Howard Baker, John Rhodes, Jerry Brown (California), John Swearingen (Chairman of the Board of Standard of Indiana, Paul McCraken (economist), Barry Commoner (proponent of solar energy), Nelson Benton, Robert Pierpoint. 1 hour. Audio condition: Excellent. Otherwise complete.

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